Why Join?


Top 5 Reasons to Join...

  1. MPI is leading the charge to make meetings and events, and those who produce them, a key strategic component of every organization’s business. We are committed to your success.
  2. MPI provides world-class education customized to your level and position, opportunities to build professional relationships, and a personalized lifetime professional development plan for you.
  3. For employers, MPI provides you with the education, contacts, and tools you need to execute more effective meetings that further the organization’s overall strategic goals and demonstrate ROI.
  4. For suppliers, MPI means business via exposure for your company to more than 10,000 planners with average budgets over $1.5 million.
  5. Benefits for all members include chapter membership, volunteer leadership opportunities, discounts on MPI products and conferences, subscription for The Meeting Professional, early access to news and trends, and research such as salary surveys, industry forecasts, multicultural projections and more.

Membership Details

MPI membership belongs to the individual supplier or planner who originally joins the association, even if the membership is paid for by the employer. If the employer pays for the membership and the member leaves their organization, the employer is eligible to receive a trial three-month "limited membership." After the three-month trial, the member is expected to pay full annual dues to continue the membership. Please call Member Services at 972-702-3053 for details.

  • Member dues are non-refundable and are due annually on the anniversary date of acceptance.
  • Dues quoted are subject to change.
  • Annual membership includes a $99 USD annual subscription to The Meeting Professional magazine.
  • Approximately 18% of Oklahoma member dues are rebated to local chapters for membership support and education.